Brief conversation on the phone about my options (Traffic court), and he was able to get me exactly the outcome he was hopeful for. Flat charge, I didn't have to call out of work, and probably got me a better outcome than I could have myself. Couldn't ask for more than that.

David K.

Seegars is the BEST! He handled my daughters adoption with care and did an amazing job making sure everything was right and quick!

Tara D.

I am very satisfied with how they handled my case, they are not the type of lawyer that only appears for you in court and pays your ticket , the lawyer did not sign any agreement until he got the best possible deal . His secretary Fernanda is very kind and always maintains good communication at all times , I highly recommend this firm.

Leticia R.

Seegars & Townsend was very professional, friendly and efficient. They handled my case very easily and with a wonderful result. We were very pleased and would hire them again should we require their assistance. They were wonderful and excellent in their field of expertise.

Martha D.

I replied to the best sounding of many offerings from attorneys sent to me after I had gotten a speeding ticket in North Carolina. I live out of state and realized as I was leaving a message for the attorneys office that it was 3 hours after the date I was to appear! I was nervous and mad at myself for my procrastination and was called back directly by a wonderful legal rep of the firm who calmed me down and offered a real solution to my case. She was personable, calming and most of all, experienced at my dilemma She kept in constant contact with me regarding my status. In the end, I have no insurance, legal or worries because of you. You shine!

Danny S.