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Missing Work After Your Accident?

Recoup lost wages with help from a lawyer in Charlotte, NC

In the aftermath of your accident, you may have had to take time off work. Whether you spent time in the hospital or had to deal with property damage, time away from work takes away income for you and your family. By working with a personal injury attorney in Charlotte, NC, you can seek compensation for your lost wages. Seegars & Townsend, PLLC will walk you through all the details and handle your personal injury claim from start to finish.

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Understanding your rights

Missing work can lead to significant financial hardship, especially if you're dealing with growing expenses after an accident. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages if...

  • You spent time in the hospital after a car accident.
  • You had to recover from a back injury after a slip-and-fall incident.
  • You had to cancel your overtime to handle accident-related issues.
Don't put this off any longer. Talk to a personal injury attorney about your accident today.